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Vavoom Volcano Tours offers a senior discount of 10% and a Child Rate which is $80 per head for all children age 12 and below.
Children 0 - 3 travel free.

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Our Full Day Tour  is 6 hours (normally 9:00am - 3:00pm) and includes the Crater Rim Adventure
where we visit beautiful Rainbow Falls before heading up to the summit of the active volcano.
There, we make a circle around the crater hole of Kilauea Caldera,
the"most active volcano in the world!" We will walk on actual
smoldering lava and/or through the Steam Vents Trail, peer down into
the crater itself and walk through a lava tube which was made by 2000
degree plus F molten lava.We also check out Sulphur Banks, jaunt
through a real hawaiian rainforest and see Jaggar Museum. We lastly
visit Kilauea Iki Crater (this is a crater within the crater) and then
check out Chain of Craters Road.  This tour is appropriate for all age ranges as the most exertive part 
of the tour is a leisurely 20 minute walk through the lava tube. The Full Day Tour can alternately be
the Crater Floor Hike Adventure which is where we do a 2 1/2 hour hike
across the floor of the crater, hike through a 350 year old lava tube
and visit steam banks. It is a 3.8 mile hike from rim to rim across the crater floor. 

If you want something in between the above two in terms of physical exertion,
on The Crater Floor Touchdown Tour we hike about 1.5 miles RT down into the crater and back up again. 
We touch the floor,take pictures and engage in some fun activities before heading back up again. 
As with the Crater Floor Hike Adventure, we do everything that we do on the Crater Rim Adventure except 
for the Chain of Crater Rd. (which is generally a very short stop anyways)

Our Full Day Tours allow for lunch (not included in fare) in Volcano Village or at the Mauna Loa Mac Nut Farm.
The views on all our Full Day Tours are unforgettable so don't forget
to charge your cameras!

The Full Day Tour is $127 (plus tax) and includes all transportation,
entry fees, personal narrative and the sharing of Hawaiian
culture,legends,history and volcanology along the way.Our tours are
personalized and we never allow groups of more than 14 people per
vehicle. Our vans are air-conditioned, heat equipped and feature
surround sound Hawaiian music.

***We have added a new adventure for our customers called The Complete Waterfalls and Volcano Tour in which we do 4 waterfalls, including Akaka Falls (the tallest continuous waterfall in the state,) in the morning and Kilauea volcano in the afternoon. The amount of walking on this tour is about 1.5 miles and includes a lot of steps (about 50 altogether) going both up and down.We do stop for lunch in between the waterfalls and volcanoes. The tour requires more mileage to access the various waterfalls and is $147 per person plus tax.

>Let me know if you have any further questions. If you are ready to book, simply request a Paypal invoice or provide your contact information so that we may retrieve the information needed to reserve your tour. We look forward to being your host to the Big Island!